Recent Placements

Armstrong Photo
Dr. Kim Armstrong, President
Clovis Community College, SCCCD, CA

Dr. Kevin Brockbank, Chancellor
Community Colleges of Spokane, WA

Dr. Levy Brown, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Connecticut State Community College, CT

Dr. Chemene Crawford, President
Everett Community College, WA

Diaz photo
Dr. Amy Diaz, President
GateWay Community College, MCCCD, AZ

Elliott Photo
Dr. Patrena Elliot, President
Halifax Community College, NC

Heiser Photo
Dr. Eric Heiser, President
Coconino Community College, AZ

Hernandez Photo
Dr. Tiffany Hernandez, President
Glendale Community College, MCCCD, AZ
Lemerond Photo
Dr. James Lemerond, President
Bellingham Technical College, WA

Kathleen Linaker
Dr. Kathleen Linaker, President
Riverland Community College, MN

McQuarters Photo
Dr. Alfred McQuarters, President
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, LACCD, CA

Sasaki Photo
Charles Sasaki, President/Superintendent
Ohlone College, CA

Spillers Photo
Dr. Jayda Spillers, Chancellor
Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College, LCTCS, LA

AM Stewart picture
Dr. Alexander Stewart, President
Sandhills Community College, NC

Quintin Taylor, Chancellor
River Parishes Community College, LCTCS, LA