Continuing Support and Service Guarantee

Continuing Support for New Presidents

ACCT is committed to the success of the new president even after the search is completed. To support the productive tenure of the selected candidate, ACCT will reach out to the Board Chair for a “six-month check-up” to assess how the new president is meeting the expectations of the Board and College, as well as determine how ACCT can potentially be of further support in establishing an effective Board-President relationship.

ACCT also offers an optional transitional retreat service, three to four months into the tenure of a new president. This transitional retreat is designed to provide the Board with valuable information on presidential on-boarding best practices.

Service Guarantee

The ACCT search process ensures a commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and clear communication. The Board and Search Committee can be sure ACCT’s search process is comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of the College and community.