Interim Services

Is your board considering the appointment of an interim president or vice president?

ACCT Interim Services has a belief that governing boards are best served by the appointment of an interim president who is not currently serving within the college to act in an interim capacity until a permanent president or chancellor is selected.

ACCT has an extensive registry of retired presidents, and ACCT Searches has filled more than 30 interim administrative positions: all successfully.

The goal for ACCT Interim Services is to help the college’s smooth transition to a new permanent chief executive officer. The interim president can serve as a breakwater between any turbulence that might have been the consequence of the previous administrative difficulties and the future permanent administration. The interim president is frequently able to implement changes much easier than an individual currently employed at the college.

Interim placements typically range from two to nine months. The process of identifying and placing interim leadership can take from one to five weeks depending on the needs of the board.

ACCT Searches will work closely with the Interim and make at least one on-site visit to assess the progress being made, and provide technical assistance as needed.

Based on ACCT’s experience and board evaluations of the service, the rewards for the institution have been:

  • A smooth transition to the new administration
  • Attention paid to issues that may either have been ignored or handled poorly in the past
  • Temporary stable leadership that provides stability while keeping the institution’s board priorities “on track.”

If you would like to discuss our services or receive more information, please contact: Julie Golder, J.D., Vice President of Search Services, Email:, Office: (202) 775-4466, Mobile: (202) 384-5816.

Potential interim candidates: If you are interested in becoming a part of our interim registry, please email your current resume to: or and add “Interim Candidate” in the subject line. We will get back to you within 3 business days.