Community College Executive Search Services

Selecting a president or chancellor is one of the most important decisions made by a governing board. The decision has far-reaching implications for the board, the college, and the community. ACCT is committed to providing membership services that meet the highest professional standards, are reliable, and are the highest quality available.

Our commitment goes well beyond providing CEO search assistance. We are your membership organization, and as such, accountable to every member board. Our mission, values and goals focus entirely on providing exceptional service to our membership.

ACCT’s fundamental purpose is to enhance the capacity of boards through education, advocacy, and helping boards identify and select the best CEOs to lead their colleges on behalf of their communities.

If your college is considering using ACCT Searches, we would be pleased to submit a formal proposal customized to the needs of your institution.


Statement of Principles

ACCT Searches is committed to delivering on our promise to help member boards. We do this by:

1. Providing an honest assessment of our Board Leadership Services’ capacity to perform the assignment based on the information provided by the board and college.

2. Furnishing high level consultative support with a clear understanding that we work for the Board of Trustees.

3. Ensuring that ACCT Search Consultant(s) treat any and all search related information with the utmost confidentiality.

4. Keeping the board fully informed about the process each step of the way, with no surprises.

5. Not encouraging nor recruiting for a minimum period of three years presidents/chancellors who were successfully placed as a result of an ACCT search; and

6. Providing additional services and assistance needed to the board, as requested, to ensure a smooth leadership transition.