Kathleen Schatzberg, Ed. D.


Dr. Kathleen Schatzberg retired as president of Cape Cod Community College in 2012, after 14 years of service.  Previously she served in both administrative and faculty positions in community colleges in New York and Minnesota; as an English teacher in urban, suburban and rural public secondary schools; and in the private sector in market research and microform data storage.  She earned her Bachelor’s at the University of Nebraska and doctorate at Hofstra University.

She serves on many boards:  Cape Cod Business Roundtable; Workforce Investment Board, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce; Cape Cod Community College Foundation; Cape Cod Center for Graduate Education; and the American Councils for International Education, among others.

Dr. Schatzberg works with a Board of Trustees of eleven – 9 appointed by the Governor and 2 elected by the students and the Alumni Association.  She is a member of the College’s Foundation Board, with a membership of approximately 25 community leaders committed to assisting the College in resource development.  She has achieved remarkable success in leading fundraising efforts with the involvement of these two boards, including a $4M capital campaign, several smaller campaigns, and annual fundraising averaging $1.2M annually.  The College’s endowment ranks among the top 20 community college endowments nationwide.

Dr. Schatzberg has a lifelong commitment to human rights and diversity.  During her tenure, Cape Cod Community College made major strides in serving the increasingly diverse populations of the region served by Cape Cod Community College.  Outreach to and partnership with K-12 districts, the business community, other higher education institutions, and a wide range of community organizations have been hallmarks of her presidency, along with the College’s ever-growing commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainability education, and “green” campus management.

Community colleges – rooted in the community, “democracy’s colleges,” and instruments of social justice – are the passion of Dr. Schatzberg’s professional career and an expression of her values.