Conducting Searches


Our Strengths:

  1. We understand the needs of community colleges.
  2. We offer the benefit of in-depth executive search skills.
  3. We have the advantage of the ACCT membership as a source of contacts.
  4. Confidentiality is paramount to us.
  5. We find and cultivate high caliber talent.
  6. We build a unique pool of candidates for each search to “fit” the college.
  7. We have extensive contacts with women and minorities poised to advance.

ACCT Searches has a long and distinguished history providing executive search assistance to more than 500 community colleges. For over 45 years we have assisted community college governing boards in fulfilling the responsibility of selection and regular evaluation of presidents and chancellors. We work closely with the governing board to assess institutional needs and to develop and facilitate a process for identifying and employing a president or chancellor who meets the needs of the institution. We are proud of providing outstanding professional and cost-effective services to governing boards.


Why Trust ACCT Searches with Your Search? Our Commitment to Excellence.

1. The Right Match – We will cast a wide net and aggressively seek a diverse pool of applicants.

2. We Understand the Unique Needs of a Campus During a Period of Leadership Transition – We look for the right “fit” and provide choices.

3. Going the Extra Mile – Our evaluation of candidates is rigorous.

4. Delivering a Rich Pool of Outstanding Candidates – We follow the highest professional and personal standards.